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9 Reasons Why A Blog Is Important For Your Career And Life

The word “blog” sounds dull to me.

There is no resonating romance, and trying to attach passion to it is a struggle. I see visions of over-sharers wrestling with technology to publish the mundane details of their everyday lives… but maybe that’s Facebook.

“Blog” originated as slang for “web log.” Those two words were mauled and mangled and out popped “blog”. Try and explain that at a dinner party – you just have to love the magic of language, grammar and words. Always evolving.

So why should you blog?

Three motivations are the most obvious.

  • A passion project. A blog is your digital portal to share your current passion online. It’s text and multimedia without ink stains or Facebook distractions.
  • An entrepreneur’s platform. Maybe you’d like to write professionally, working with brands and advertisers to receive compensation for your creativity.
  • An expert’s expressionA blog is a place where you distill the experiences, thoughts and ideas that you have learned during your education, career and life journey.

So why should you blog?

1. Blogs refine your thoughts

2. Blogs reward the creator

3. Blogs amplify your humanity

4. Blogs connect us to our tribes

5. Blogs give introverts a voice

6. Blogs reward the “new age” publishers

7. Blogs embrace the experimenters

8. Blogs accelerate discovery

9. Blogs open up a world without borders