Case Studies

The Last Mile The Ultimate Support Service that helped India face the lockdown challenges
Managing large-scale deployment and support for computers and laptops during COVID-19

The catch: When the pandemic restricted the movement of people, it became difficult for the workforce to continue working and the challenge was to work on mobilizing resources for the team to work seamlessly.

The way forward: The government and employers needed to provide millions of laptops, computers and peripheral devices to employees, and all of this hardware required support that ensures minimum downtime, even in remote areas.

The opportunity: The SYSNET team turned this crisis into an opportunity to scale up. More than 1.5 million laptops were distributed and subsequently given maintenance support by our team.

The solution: SYSNET’s intelligent field force backed with technology and automation.

When the pandemic took our nation and the world into a zone where physical movement of people and products was virtually brought to a standstill, SYSNET developed an action plan to bridge the gap between Gram Panchayats, Armed Forces, and Banks in the remotest corners across India. The team rolled out support services across 66,000 locations and covered across 5,000 Gram Panchayats, Armed Forces, and ‘brown label’ ATM vendors in India. The network provided last-mile connectivity to 50,000 bank branches, 20,000 Railway Recruitment Control Boards, and 10,000 Cooperative Banks. We ensured that the ATM network remained available so that millions of people in the remotest corners of India could have access and stay connected.

With extensive use of intelligent field force automation, we are able to manage these staggering numbers effectively to quickly respond and resolve customer problems. Our solutions help complex management with intelligent automated routing and accurate geo-positioning modules that ensure the fastest responses than any other standard industry tool in the world. Most importantly, we manage more than 100,000 tickets per month across our field services spectrum that includes network, personal computing devices, servers, network, and security assets.

With Mobizone, we present complex information in a simplified and dynamic manner, which makes it incredibly attractive when it comes to responding in an effortless way. And, our 3,500+ workforce across India remains connected and tracks their well-being, helping each employee manage their daily attendance, tasks, conveyance claims, manage order parts without having to send manual requests and reports.

Our teams traverse 20 lakh kilometers every month and clock an average of 80 kms to deliver support for a site. The terrain is often inhospitable, hard to reach and tests the spirit of our tenacious field engineers, who carry with them heavy parts and tools kit that may weigh up to 10 kgs. We state this with pride that our people are contributing to keeping the Indian people connected to the digital world with quick response and resolutions.

Our intelligent field force automation solutions helps the complex management of people, parts and support on a scale that is unparalleled, to reach thousands of customers.

Our response rates for handling support tickets are much higher than the industry average, while our response times are much lower.

With Mobizone, our 3,500+ workforce across India remains connected, and tracks and relays task status to team controllers. It helps each employee manage their daily attendance, tasks, conveyance claims, manage order parts without having to send manual requests and reports and analytics.

Mobizone drives our productivity up by eliminating the drudgery of routine tasks and effortlessly simplifying daily tasks seamlessly.

A human touch with all languages being spoken across 28 states and 8 union territories of India backed by technology, ensures standard compliances, task fulfillment and reporting in real-time.

Meet the Wide Area Network Field Support Team

Making a world of difference
Managing a large field force effectively to deliver an efficient and user friendly service experience

The catch: The process of technical support for repair and replacement of hardware and software was traditionally manual. Supported by analogous or at best low tech inefficient solutions, the response times and control of customer experience were creating a barrier in resolution and closure of cases.

The way forward: The tech servicing industry needs a solution that provides an overarching management system that is easy to use and can be adopted at a large scale. It should ensure minimum downtime and efficiencies in movement and control of all the people involved.

The opportunity: The SYSNET team recognized the problems and the opportunity to manage support services at a scale that was not possible before.

The solution: SYSNET’s Ultimate Support App – Mobizone

Our team pushed the frontiers of technology with Mobizone for our field force team to:

  • Provide a quick response
  • Reach and serve thousands of people
  • Deliver, repair and/ or replace solutions even in remote location
  • Manage Parts delivery and recovery efficiently

The Mobizone app leverages intelligent automated routing with accurate geo-positioning systems driving faster responses than any other standard industry tool in the world.

To solve customers’ issues quickly and efficiently by-

  • Helping in registering complaints
  • Assisting in scheduling appointments
  • Tracking the travel of our field force to the repair site with accurate directions
  • Communicating with updates to the SYSNET ecosystem and the customer
  • Closing the ticket effectively with a high satisfaction rate
  • Managing 100,000 tickets per month

Mobizone makes it incredibly efficient when it comes to response in a user-friendly way. Above average response rates and ease of use makes Mobizone the preferred choice for our OEM partners who have integrated with us to ensure seamless data transfer without delays.

The archaic manual system of cues for information from a pan-India fieldforce has been eliminated, helping us meet demand proactively.

With Mobizone, our 3,500+ workforce across India transforms from individuals into an efficient and connected team.

Daily attendance, end-to-end task management, travel and tracking, order and parts management and much more is automated and visible for actionable improvements. Added to this are the availability of helpful links for problem diagnostics, assets issued, leaderboard, notifications, personnel helpdesk, and schemes for referral earning, to make life easier and less stressful for everyone in the value chain.

Implementing an exceptional encryption process for India’s largest private bank
Ensuring a smooth Bitlocker Migration from Symantec

The catch: To provide the highest standard of data security and stringent encryption of 96,000 laptops and desktops for one of India’s largest private banks, across 70,000 branches in India.

The way forward: By working with the bank’s IT and security leadership, the SYSNET solution team put together a comprehensive scalable solution to reduce risk of migration, deliver a compelling implementation plan in a co-management proposal to accomplish the project goals within 18 months.

The opportunity: The bank planned to implement Microsoft Bitlocker which was based on several considerations, such as compliance with Reserve Bank of India directive to Indian banks for a Windows upgrade to the latest version (RBI Mandate) 21H2 version, eliminate current support issues with the existing encryption tool, reduce maintenance costs and migrate to an inbuilt solution from Microsoft. The opportunity at hand was massive in terms of sheer volumes.

The solution: The SYSNET team with 100 members, ensured a painless migration process, virtually invisible to customers, and allow them to use their systems and remain productive while the migration is done without any visible changes to their device and ensuring that their data is backed up and protected.

The evolving MNCs with a tech-driven model
Delivering managed services for a top MNC Banking Customer

The catch: To eliminate any security threats, MNC bankers were looking for a partner to deliver the managed services for their end-user infra.

The way forward: Keeping the fact in mind that end-user infra technology is being critically and increasingly recognized as critical enablers of a world-class claim organization, we developed an action plan to evaluate our options.

The opportunity: The SYSNET team identified the requirement of improving SLAs as an opportunity which included delivering the managed services for the top MNC customer and end-user infra from the existing T&M model and optimized on TCO.

The solution: We implemented a Central Technical Service desk to handle incidents and multiple functional towers like an asset team, compliance team, billing & eProc team, deskside team, and DCO team to cater to various functional & technical needs of the customer. Within 6 months, we delivered the services with cost optimized by 24% of the previous cost.

Accelerating radical growth by providing exceptional network services
Managing 4G network all over India for a Telecom Company

The catch: A Telecom Company with an IT infrastructure of 40,000+ HPE Enterprise servers and storages needs the 4G network to be managed across the country.

The way forward: Providing Managed Services to the Telecom Company with service desks, logistic team, and engineers to ensure smooth functioning of IT activities.

The opportunity: The SYSNET team recognized the problems and aimed to manage the 4G network across the nation to ensure all IT reactive and proactive activities are carried out and SLA are met.

The solution: A team of 18 technical centralized service desk supports 24*7 and coordinates with all the 61 engineers across the country to get the 4G network running. Another resource team of logistics manages onsite spares and smooth spare movement. Auto alert was configured through a monitoring tool, and auto call login, auto heal and auto ticket status update post incident closure positively impacted response and resolution.