Intelligent Automation

Accelerate innovation and growth with automation at the core to get more value from your IT infrastructure

About the service

Our Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is at the core of IT operations.

5 key tech levers of IPA that drive improvements and efficiency in

Customer experience
Response & resolution times
Reduction of operational risks
Optimization of resources


Robotic Process Automation

Cognitive Agents

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning/Analytics


Combine IPA with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) methods to eliminate repetitive, replicable and standard routine tasks. Speed up process times and reduce activities managed by people. Allow the systems to continually learn and do the same task more efficiently.

Assess characteristics of process on the following lines:
  • Volumes
  • High value
  • Recurrent access to multiple systems
  • Low number of manual intervention
  • Low exceptional handling
  • High numbers of rework
  • Prone to manual errors
  • Clear understanding of manual costs
IPA Design &

We help envision and implement solutions to maximize ROI.


Always start with a minimal viable automation solution and then build momentum for scale.

IPA Code of
Excellence (COE)

Establish standards, tools and partners to create lasting and sustainable value.

Get the convenience of:
  • Logging calls through voice and email and automated call transfers
  • Integrating with OEM systems for seamless and secure process management
  • Intelligence to prioritize client preferences
  • Field engineer tracking and communication in real time
  • Status & response management
  • Alert mechanisms to detect and communicate variations
  • Parts management with end-to-end tracking
  • Logistics management

It’s all about providing tools that ensure accountability.

Mobizone - Solving all your business challenges – Fast

SYSNET's mobile software application, Mobizone, provides our field engineers access to the resources they need to collaborate effectively and in line with operational needs.

Tracking progress of a task is critical and this application gives us the ability to monitor attendance, presence and progress.

The engineers’ journey from job assignment, arrival on site, time spent there, problem diagnosis, solution implemented, departure from site, parts used, defective parts collected, distance traveled etc. are all tracked and recorded. Mobizone enables the central Customer Experience Team to analyze the performance of field engineers and deviations from expected locations and actions through a map-based, color-coded visualization interface. This enables them to pass on instructions in real time to make a change for improvements.

If you want to improve your service management and need an application for this purpose, we can customize Mobizone for your needs.

SYSNET’s Capabilities

There are many high ROI opportunities that speed up delivery, free data from physical formats, improve accuracy and build safeguards through automated solutions.

With intelligent automation, any business operation is a candidate for automation. Reduce human contact, speed up processing, and regularize outputs to save time and money. Improve customer satisfaction with faster and consistent results.

Solving real-world challenges

Be RESPONSIVE with event tracking, BOTS are just one tool available from SYSNET to automate your business processes. We use the cloud, analytics, machine learning, RPA, and AI to automate workflows and improve the BOT’s responsiveness and adaptability.

Be AGILE with process and task mining

Our automation services combine analytics, AI, and sector knowledge. Whether it's a chatbot or IVR, help desk or call center, we will work with you to choose the right technology and deploy it.

Be INTELLIGENT with analytics to guide you

As a provider of digital-first services, automation is ingrained in the engineering, testing, data analysis, and visualization of data – make informed and intelligent decisions.

Setting the Expectations

With our service, we can deliver the following outcomes for our customers:


  • Automation of 50%-70% of tasks
  • 25%-35% annualized cost efficiencies
  • Automation of 50%-70% of tasks
  • 25%-35% annualized cost efficiencies
  • 30% to 60% reduction in process times
  • Achieve 2x to 3x ROI

*Outcomes may vary depending on current state of automation


  • Service predictability
  • Service re-usability
  • Service predictability
  • Service re-usability
  • Better services integration
  • Increased predictability
  • Reduced service risk
  • Service cost effectiveness
  • Improved business performance

Here’s a list of what you must expect when you work with the SYSNET team