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From perimeter to core, SYSNET’s IT security solutions help you accelerate growth with inbuilt safeguards.

About the service

Just the way the business landscape is ever evolving, so is the emerging threat landscape.

We believe that being proactive is primary and resilience is secondary when it comes to securing IT infrastructure.


Our No Compromise approach to secure critical business assets follow global threat developments and prepares fences and firewalls in real time.


Our onsite and remotely-managed solutions ensure that the best standards for incident management operating procedures minimize disruptions.


What does the SYSNET security management services umbrella cover?

SYSNET’s Capabilities

We will help you secure your IT Infrastructure

The Why, How, What, and Where of cyber security are some critical questions that we will help you answer.

3 Steps to figure which security solutions can be the best fit for you


An audit of IT infrastructure, processes, systems

An audit of IT infrastructure, processes, systems and policies to check their vulnerability and response capability.


Comparing your audited present state of systems

Comparing your audited present state of systems security with what is required to counter the vulnerabilities discovered in the due diligence audit.


Investments, key tasks, deliverables, execution timelines

Investments, key tasks, deliverables, execution timelines, coverage expected and outcomes that need to be monitored with incident management SOPs.

SYSNET has tackled various security threats and built security solutions to protect your IT infrastructure from basic Gen I level attacks through to Gen 6 advanced attacks.


CPMS - SYSNET’s Cloud Permissions Management

CPMS - SYSNET’s Cloud Permissions Management System ensures that entitlement of access is controlled.

CWPP - Our Cloud Workload Protection Platform secures the processes and applications, storage, containers and virtual hardware.

CASB - Cloud Access Security Broker tracks accidental or malicious data exposure between onsite and offsite IT infrastructure by encryption, blocking access and enforcing access policies.

CNAP - Cloud Native Application Protection for protecting the workload and configuration via scans during development and actual runtime.


Networks need multi-layered advanced security

Networks need multi-layered advanced security solutions for data loss prevention (DLP). Network Access Control (NAC), Next Gen Fire Walls (NGFWs) and Next Gen Antivirus (NGAVs) are standard items which are provided in our security solutions.


SYSNET’s Zero compromise approach is to create

SYSNET’s Zero compromise approach is to create segmented protection of data at the level of laptops, tablets, mobile phones or any personal devices that may prove to be a risk due to access availability.


Web applications cannot be isolated from the

Web applications cannot be isolated from the internet, hence the exposure and risks are multifaceted. SYSNET provides solutions for threats of Injection, Broken Authentication, Misconfiguration, Cross-site Scripting amongst others.

The old approach used to be Perimeter-focussed, however, SYSNET’s approach is from core to perimeter and beyond, we provide coverage so that your onsite, offsite, cloud and third party IT systems are segmented and secured with the SYSNET Zero Compromise approach.

Our security processes are based on SYSNET’S ADAM methodology and this is a 24x7 continuous process, backed by automation.

Anticipation of risk:

Our teams are following global development of threats and their impact on IT assets worldwide.

Discoverability of risk:

Your IT infrastructure is monitored for abnormal variations in performance and the deviations from standards are recorded for threats and root cause.

Assessment of risk:

The anticipated and discovered risks are assessed for their impact on the full spectrum of IT infrastructure which is connected to the entry point of a threat.

Mitigation of risk:

All the infrastructure modules are diagnosed for possible impact and action taken to block threats from spreading through the systems.

Let SYSNET allay your fears about security. We will manage the multifactor authentications, system of security patches, system of records, system of engagement, system of recovery and system of controls for full stack systems security.

The final outcome will be a secure IT infrastructure that functions with minimum disruption of critical applications.

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Setting the expectations

Here’s a list of what you must expect when you work with the SYSNET team

What do we feel about IT Security Solutions?

A perspective on Security Solutions from our expert

The human body is an intricate system with multiple organs and these are intricately connected with a resonating impact if any organ is threatened.

There are senses that monitor the environment and provide signals that ensure a reaction to fight or flight.

Some of the organs are critical and the whole system shuts down when they shut down.

While radical impairment occurs when other non-critical organs are attacked.

The skin protects these organs and then the rib cage protects some other vital ones like the heart and lungs – and the cranium, the strongest one protects the brain.

We are sure that you can see the similarities between our body and a technology infrastructure that needs protection. It is our duty to prevent data from being used for malicious purposes.

It all started with Gen 1 virus attacks, Gen 2 attacks were network attacks, Gen 3 were on application vulnerabilities, Gen 4 had payload attacks which were dealt by sandboxing and anti-bot solutions.

Today, we are faced with mega attacks which are multivector attacks and the need to ensure topnotch security is very high.

SYSNET is here to meet the challenges to protect your business.