Infrastructure Management Services

Building, Managing and Securing IT assets and processes for Maximum productivity and Minimum downtime

About the service

SYSNET’s IT infrastructure management – Delivering service as a positive experience

We build a lights on always running infrastructure

You need an intelligent automated IT infra system that can monitor and manage and be able to predict, respond to dynamic business needs, protect and self-heal. So wherever you are on your journey, we will help you standardize, stabilize, optimize and manage your IT infrastructure for future growth and transformation, increasing value to your business.

We deliver an all-encompassing IT asset & infrastructure management that include computing, networking, storage, data, security and cloud-based services with the right mix of people process and technology.

SYSNET adopts a multi-mode delivery model without compromising the business needs of our customers while also keeping the IT infra up and running thereby ensuring the highest availability of infra to the users.

What do we manage?

In today’s digital world, your business can thrive only if your IT Infra is able to run applications serving the business extremely well. Further as complexity of infrastructure options and locations increase, we step in and help simplify and move from a capex infrastructure to a modern intelligent one capable of scaling up or down in a reliable manner.

We follow best industry practices providing valuable solutions to our customers. While enterprise business demand 24x7 availability with a cost-efficient service, DC management is about two facets:

a) Servers, storage, network and compute, and

b) Facility management spanning – space, power and cooling

We will manage and support a wide range of data center equipment and assets with a high degree of automated workflows spanning process, people and technology. With our partnerships with reputed global OEMs in the IT products and services space, we deliver efficiency along with our expertise in Asset Management, AMC, and Warranty for all major platform vendors.

Our work does not end at the implementation stage, as we go an extra mile post implementation and bring the right people and technology to manage customer data center operations effectively. Our Global Operations Center and Security Operations Center make sure to monitor the performance in real-time.

Data Center IT Operations Services Portfolio

We provide integrated services to manage the processes, and IT facilities at the data centers. We are experienced in the use of tools that enhance asset availability, and are required to provision, configure, monitor, maintain and manage them to ensure 24/7 performance. We use industry standard IT Service management and Asset management tools stack for all assets / components in the DC.


  • Cloud
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Network / Security
  • Database
  • Middleware

DC Infrastructure

  • Racks / Space
  • Power Metering
  • Cooling
  • Facilities
  • Inventory
  • Alerts / Controls

Service Management

  • Processes
  • Resources
  • Change
  • Integration
  • Maintenance

Assets Management

  • Physical Inventory
  • Capacity
  • Lifecycle
  • AMCs / Warranties

Looking for improved system availability and increased performance? You are at the right place. With our Infrastructure Management Services, we address an enterprise’s entire server management platform needs from design, deployment and migration to optimization. Ensure exceptional server utilization rates while minimizing your overall infrastructure costs. We work as part of your team to help regain and retain control over server infrastructure.

Are you finding it tough to maintain productivity of your IT infrastructure at optimum levels? At SYSNET, our technology has been built in such a way that the end user support services come with an integrated set of tools that help resolve end user issues. These end user services provide preventive, self-service and assisted support as well as onsite support to provide one-on-one assistance to users. Minimize the number of IT help desk support requests and reduce the duration of help desk calls to bring down costs, improve productivity and end user satisfaction levels.

The configuring of networks from LAN to SD-WAN and IOT involves multiple points of contact, switches, routers and access point devices, amongst others. The network management system collects data at a granular level from all the touchpoints that helps the network administrator to monitor the efficiency, scalability and efficiency of the network as a whole. At SYSNET, we proactively check for performance efficiency, security, optimization and troubleshoot critical issues.

SYSNET has proven capabilities to support client initiatives in platforms such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Mail Messaging, Service Desk, and Middleware.

The IT assets lifecycle management process

Acquisition Strategy & Planning – Choosing the right mix

Migration, Deployment and Testing

Optimization for ROI and productivity

Securing the IT infrastructure

Incident management – Recovery and Remediation

We are proud to say that our services are structured on industry standards like ISO 20000, based on the ITIL framework.

Setting expectations

Here’s a list of outcomes that you must expect when you work with the SYSNET team

Exceptional Customer Service

While working with us, we can guarantee user and customer happiness by improving IT infrastructure performance, providing faster provisioning, executing service-related changes reliably and quickly, and reducing downtime through accelerated maintenance operations.

Keep Productivity

Worried about lost or corrupted data? Worry not, if you've made the correct IT infrastructure management decisions by working with us, you'll be able to retrieve and restore company data due to backups built into your IT infrastructure, ensuring that end users have access to the information they need to keep functioning.


Managing your IT infrastructure will be easier and more efficient as you’ll be able to recognize when to update and upgrade systems as well as when to limit risk. With such updates, you will be able to make more informed decisions that will make your IT infrastructure management the smoothest process.

Why should you opt for SYSNET's Infrastructure Management Services?

Here are 4 good reasons

Access Any Data, Anywhere, Anytime

IT Infrastructure Management is the backbone of any organization and it provides data access from anywhere with utmost security. Ensure that your employees can always access the information they need when they need it. Whether you’re in the office or on vacation, if there’s an issue with your infrastructure, IT Infrastructure Management can be used to diagnose and fix it quickly without disrupting company operations.

Avoid Unplanned Outages

We help you increase operational efficiencies and deliver no compromise security, intelligent and automated management solutions. That’s where IT Infrastructure Management comes in. Protect your IT infrastructure against unplanned outages with essential tools such as backups and faster recovery.

Identify and Fix Vulnerabilities in Your Network

Don’t let unidentified vulnerabilities become a threat to your business. Detect security breaches early on and identify any anomalies or changes in your network with SYSNET’s IT Infrastructure Management so that they can be corrected quickly.

Reduce Costs and Improve ROI

Along with optimization of resource consumption and space management efficiencies, we also provide you access to the right partners who are leaders in their service domains, helping you gain the benefits of economies of scale.

What do we feel about Infrastructure Management?

Perspective on Infrastructure Management Services

The Indian IT services industry is valued at $7.1 Billion as per industry pundits and is expected to grow at 7.4%. While this may be true, we know the industry is undergoing enormous change with the rapid adoption of cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and over-the-top high quality, bandwidth-hungry content and the need to maintain network security. Enterprises are always trying to strike the balance between cloud-native or hybrid infrastructure and typically take a “cloud-first” or a “cloud-when-it-makes-sense” approach to their digital transformation initiatives. Further, IT operations and DC managers continue to battle, to maintain and operate a “lights-on” developer-ready infrastructure without impacting developer pace while trying to adopt new cloud-native/hybrid architectures.

Given this perspective, enterprises need to re-imagine their eco-system of connected systems, people, processes and technologies to build deeper capabilities and deliver greater value to their business with stronger outcomes. We firmly believe the future will belong to intelligent automated IT infrastructure systems that can monitor and manage but also be able to predict, respond to dynamic business needs, protect and self-heal. So enterprises will continue to be able to standardize, stabilize, optimize and transform their IT infrastructure increasing value to their business.