Professional Services

Helping IT leaders navigate business growth and drive enterprise value

About the service

The return on Human Capital is directly proportional to it being deployed intelligently.

Market disruptions and volatility, escalating risks and accelerating behavioral changes, anything that has not been faced before requires human intervention. SYSNET is here to help you manage the challenges of recruiting high-performing IT professionals.

3 goals to deliver:

Vetted talent to enterprises
High caliber candidates to meet requirements
Create brand value in the long term for greater stickiness among employees

Professional Consulting

Provide a methodology-based service with a systematic approach and solutions for complex IT infrastructure problems such as discrete projects, technology upgrades, and transformation. Areas of expertise include planning, designing, building, testing, deploying, and managing

  • Access
  • Design
  • Build
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Retire
  • Refresh
  • Replace
  • Consolidate
  • Transform
  • Cloud Data Center
  • Network
  • Security
  • End User
  • Service Management

Highlights of Service


  • Understand requirements
  • Bridge demand skill-set gap
  • Understand requirements
  • Bridge demand skill-set gap
  • Identify appropriate sourcing channels
  • Screen and Shortlist
  • Schedule interviews


  • Selection
  • Negotiation & Offer
  • Selection
  • Negotiation & Offer
  • Onboarding
  • Induction
  • Career development


  • Staff Augmentation
  • Fixed cost
  • Staff augmentation
  • Fixed cost
  • Cost plus
  • Payroll


  • Time to close
  • Ramp-up time
  • Time to close
  • Ramp-up time
  • Optimizing cost of hire
  • Offer to joining ratios
  • Pedigree of hires

Our Professional Services provide you with a competitive edge.

SYSNET continuously invests in skill development and certification of its employees to ensure that we deliver the right quality of services and that we are in sync with the current trends and requirements of the latest technology, processes, systems and compliances.

SYSNET’s Capabilities

Services ranging from Consulting to Advising on Recruiting high-quality IT professionals.

The key role of Professional Services is to take a technical solution and tailor it to ensure it works for your business in a way that meets your overall technology strategy and wider business goals. Quite often, a business will invest in an ‘out-of-the-box’ product without the knowledge of how to use it effectively. The Professional Services team at SYSNET is on hand to understand the challenges faced by the business and optimize the technology to fix those problems.

Resource Augmentation

SYSNET's focus is across all levels within the gamut of IT Service Management including Service Desk specialists, and Certified Technical specialists in the area of Computing Infrastructure, Networking, IT Security, Databases, and Operating Systems.

Strategic Consulting

At SYSNET, we will offer thorough consultation on your overall technology strategy, assessing its efficacy and making sure your technology choices are appropriate for the project and your long-term company objectives. To help you get the most out of your investment, our Professional Services also encompasses business value mapping and long-term roadmap planning.


With a Professional Services team that understands your business requirements and strategic goals, you are better equipped for a successful deployment. You might also require integration and migration services, which are often provided as part of your deployment plan, depending on your IT systems.

Setting Expectations

Here’s a list of outcomes that you must expect when you work with the SYSNET team

Exceptional Project Handling

Alongside your consulting services, you’re likely to engage in full pre-project preparation and planning from SYSNET’s Professional Services, as well as ongoing management to ensure the project runs smoothly. With us, you can ensure a successful outcome as we deliver the project on time and within the budget set out in the initial design and consulting stages.

Seamless Recruiting

When it comes to recruiting and retaining highly talented IT professionals, SYSNET’s Professional Services will make sure everything is done seamlessly. We monitor current trends to give you human capital with a competitive edge.

Keep Customers for Life

Keeping customers for life is the ultimate goal for any business. It requires staying ahead of change, both by introducing new products and helping customers modify existing product implementations. At SYSNET, we take this as an opportunity and identify the changes so that you can continue to realize the return on the investments with appropriate implementation.

Why should you opt for SYSNET's Professional Services?

The great thing about knowledgeable Professional Services is that they come into your situation with tremendous solution experience already under their belt. Our Professional Services team at SYSNET takes the time to get to know each customer in order to understand their goals and objectives. They then get to work on customizing the client's software deployment so that it perfectly satisfies their requirements. Utilizing a professional services team typically results in a significantly shorter time to market for new implementations.

Nobody is more knowledgeable about a given solution than the people who are really using it day in and day out. With Professional Services, you have the best knowledge of a system's intricacies and capabilities as well as the closest connection to the developers, who may expedite resolution of any issues that you may be investigating. These people will assist you in getting the most out of the solution for your company while keeping your goals and roadmap in mind.

Many firms today are dealing with the constant market, business, and regulatory changes that all impact their technology. In such scenarios, having a trusted partner like SYSNET who understands your systems and can augment your team with ready access to experts can be very valuable. Partnering with our Professional Services team in the long term means you would have access to a knowledgeable team of individuals.